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Thread: The boat last chapter

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    Huehuete Bob

    Default The boat last chapter

    started this blog on NL. Here is the last chapter of the saga....

    A couple of days ago Long Van arrived from the U.S. to visit me here in Managua. Very rapidly he was introduced to stuff in Nicaragua as he went with me to retrieve the boat from the nicaraguan navy and bring it back to Casares so that the local fishermen could use it to catch fish and lobsters.

    In the morning we went to the lawyer in Managua to see about freeing the boat. He said we need to do everything today. The boat was released from La pesca (fish and game in the U.S.)for nothing. The Laywer cost $420) Meant we had to go to the Naval base in Managua first. The navy wanted $1000 for storage....we got it down to $650 (I think it was mostly bribe money by the way).

    Next 2 hours to Casares to get a captain for the boat (luck had it that he was there) and two more hours to Puerto Sandino where the boat was. We arrived 1/2 hour before the port closed with the captain and my lawyer. Two hours later we had gas and oil for the motor and the boat took off for Casares. Two more hours we were back in Managua only missing a cooler (about $400 dollars) which belonged to someone else. We drove back with the Commander of the Naval station who was hitch hiking to Managua as best friends.

    Es Nicaragua Hodido.

    Next day My captain went fishing with the boat and the handle for the rope starter broke off....they spent 8 hours trying to start the motor by using their fingers to thread the starter rope out and using their hands on the rope to start the motor. My friend and captain said not to worry because in three days when his wife realized they could not come back (it was the weekend) someone would come. But finally they got the motor started and arrived in Casares with no problems at 10 pm

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    are all those costs in US dollars! OUCH!

    That boat is becoming really expensive.

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    Huehuete Bob

    Default Yup

    Isnt it wonderful to be a gringo in Nicaragua? Any of the fishermen could have just given the navy a few pounds of lobster or a few cordobas and been on their way. The problem was caused by the captain saying that they were employees and the boat belonged to a gringo.

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