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    I am trying to gather information relating to reforestation projects sponsored by either NGOs, national initiatives, foreign countries, and private businesses (foreign or demestic). The one I am most aware about is the "Cuneta del Milenio" ("Millenium Challenge Account") sponsored by the US in cooperation with the Nicaraguan gov't. I have personally talked to some representatives there and their reforestation project seems really good although I did hear that there were some shortages this year and people got less than what they requested. Reforestation is only one aspect of their overall development projects. The key point, however, is that their efforts are solely concentrated in Occidente [Northwest Nicaragua (Leon, Chinandega, etc)]. Although I am interested in all Nicaraguan reforestation projects in general I am also personally interested in reforesting some land in the state of Carazo. I talked to a gentleman in that state who told me about a Japanese based initiative that according to him would supply seedlings of some precious wood trees with the commitment to not cut the trees for 15 years and then to harvest them in a sustainable way. I imagine that this project is related to earning carbon credits for the company. I have also been told that there are sponsors who will actually pay landowners who commit to keep ferested areas forested. Info on this would also be appreciated. I am aware that there are a lot of options and diverse project going on and would appreciate all information regarding this sort of work. This blog will serve as a link to some of the resources out there.

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    Here is a possible connection: Trees for the future: check out our website at - Jenny Brandt Tree Pals Coordinator
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    I have seen a ton of articles on reforestation efforts in the Managua and Carazo departments, I did not post them because didn't think anyone had any real interest. Next time I see one I will post it.

    I would suggest that you speak directly with some of the Alcalde's of the towns you specifically have interest in. Many of them are working in cooperation with the NGO's and others are working on their own efforts to reforest.

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