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    Edwin Rommel Holmann Pastora shows 2 cedulas both with his information on them, one of which was used by someone to rob several of his bank accounts.

    The investigation which LA PRENSA did, where they discovered a senior official of the "Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia" (FARC) had recieved a Nicaraguan Cedula, and secretly the CSE of Nicaragua burried the findings, seems to have just been the tip of the iceberg.

    There is apparently a network of Cedula cloners that are working alongside of employees in the "Consejo Supremo Electoral" (CSE). These cloners are apparently operating for political and economical reasons.

    Due to the lack of control of this document and information contained in the system, many may find that they have already voted on November 9th! and others are starting to find that their bank accounts have been accessed and cleaned out.

    The 3 cases which La Prensa investigated show that the cloned cedulas are made with the same materials as which emits the CSE. The examination of these 3 cases shows that markings down to those visible through ultra violet light are the same as that of an official Cedula.

    The only difference that appears in these cloned cedulas is the photo.

    La Prensa made contact with some of those sources that are associated with clonation of cedulas, and they are saying that the movement of these cloned identification cards has increased as the elections have gotten closer. However the sources would not say if these may be associated with possible electoral fraud or not.

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    There was a story about this on Univision in the US. A couple of Nicaraguans were busted in Chicago with forged cedulas AND US immigration documents. And of course, there was some sort of a father/daughter lurid sex scandal angle to it. I'm gonna ask Mrs. Thunderdial to refresh my memory about the specifics...

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    Fake IDs? Never heard of that before.

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    It's been done before with the Carnet de Exoneracion and when caught was traced back to the (Director General de Ingresos) DGI office itself. So I guess, it is indeed possible.

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    Damn, I want one. Where is the link for that?

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