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    Oksana Dovbush, a lady of Ukranian origin, whom lived in Barrio Blandon (aka barrio Costa Rica), known as "Barbie" in the neighborhood because of her physical beauty, was killed by a point blank gunshot when she objected to someone stealing her purse.

    Dovbush, mother of 2, passed away at the hospital after one last attempt to save her life. The professional of 41 years of age was shot in the right side and the bullet damaged her liver and lungs.

    Neighbors saw the incident when a motorcycle with no license plates approached her, on her way home from work. (the article seems to suggest there were 2 people on the motorcycle)

    She has been living in Nicaragua for 16 years and has worked at a pharmaceutical labratory.

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    Is a sad tragedy!
    Dios es Amor!

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