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Thread: Plan for managing Can de Somoto needed

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    Default Plan for managing Can de Somoto needed

    The Can de Somoto, was declared a Protected area in the Category of National Monuments of Nicaragua, but there is no plan for maintaining this site.

    A plan should be created which should discuss such aspects as to how many people can enter the zone at time without damaging it, the processing of waste and the prevention of contamination of the water. An extensive strategy of environmental conservation and development of tourist projects.

    The Department of the Environment and Natural Resources (Marena) is carrying out procedures to select a firm that will devise a plan of management, this week.

    Construction should not take place here, until a plan of management can be created, due to the possibilities of environmental deterioration from the construction.

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    Hey this link is dead, I found valuable information to go to Somoto Canyon, a super complete guide that will help anyone to make the best of the best in this beautiful place in Nicaragua:

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