Roundtrip - Minneapolis, MN to Managua - connect in Atlanta, GA

Did it leave on time? From Minneapolis left 20 minutes late, from Atlanta left 1 hour late. Return flights were both on time.

What was the total ticket cost? $430.00 each round trip

What did they charge for baggage? Only did carry on. (Note - If you are taking a surfboard, check on the cost to check it both down and back, some were having problems at the ticket counter with extra charges for the return flight)

Was the flight pleasant? Yes. Do not buy a bottled water to take on the plane, they will take it from you - even if you just bought it at a gift shop by the gate and it is still sealed.

Did it arrive on time? Made up the hour delay and were only 1/2 hour late into Managua.

Did your baggage arrive on the same flight as you? Carry on only

Would you fly this airline again? Yes