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Thread: Winter Bazaar 2008

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    Default Winter Bazaar 2008

    Frontera Books and Proyecto Laguna present a special event featuring the art, clothing, food, furniture, style, literature and crafts of 25 of Nicaragua's small businesses and non-profit foundations.

    Date: Dec 6, 2008 (Saturday)
    Time: 11am - 6pm
    Location: Frontera Books, next to Pan e Vino

    Enjoy great food, music and children's entertainment while shopping for Christmas and supporting Proyecto Laguna ( and its work with the students and community of Diria, Nicaragua.

    Hope to see you there.

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    Default Re: Winter Bazaar 2008

    does this project exist for just Diria? Diria is very close to where my wife's family live and we used to go to the restaurants at the Boquete in Diria. Always good food and inexpensive with a great view of the Laguna! Not as developed as Catarina but for me, less is more sometimes. Also, the town has recently completed a new "main" entrance to their pueblo with a new street, new street lights and statue of San Pedro! It all looks beautiful. They also have a great basketball court in Diria!
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    Right now, yes. I haven't heard of Proyecto Laguna covering other areas as of yet. I do like that they are concentrated on an area and taking small significant steps at a time instead of spreading themselves too thin.

    But then, having tapped other existing community projects by other non-profit orgs like the paper artesanias by the women of Los Amadores funded by ADDMI (Asoc Damas Diplomaticas and Misiones Internationales), thereby promoting their products and fostering community effort and self-sufficiency, in a way will benefit more than just the Diria project.

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