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    Cordwood Construction dates back possibly as far as 3000 years ago, some examples found on walls still standing in Greece, and others in New Foundland built by the Vikings. Walls tend to be 12"-18" in thickness and have super insulation.

    In many cases today, people building Cordwalls homes and structures ask saw mills and furniture makers for their scraps, which would otherwise go to waste.

    Here is an example that was done as a Sauna

    It does not seem to matter what size or shape the material is

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    Is the chinking of cement?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackMcG View Post
    Is the chinking of cement?
    Just looking around on the internet, I have found quite a few options, from earth, to cement. I suppose in Nicaragua you may be best with Cement and Rebar mixed in, both Vertical and Horizontal, to keep this thing together under all conditions.

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    Tradition would favor "wattle and daub" or mud mixed with straw. English halftimber frame houses have wattle and daub infill between the frame members. Today it could be cement mixed with straw or bamboo.

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    Saw these little cabins, they mix cordwood construction with glass bottles and corrogated metal.*

    These little cabins have enough space for shelving and 2 single beds.

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