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Thread: Taca December 13th

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    Talking Taca December 13th

    Left Miami on December 13th 40 Mins,Taca is usually on time

    Did it leave on time?
    What was the total ticket cost?
    $410 R/T Clase Ejecutiva
    What did they charge for baggage?
    Was the flight pleasant?
    Yup,nice traveling on First class
    Did it arrive on time?
    Did your baggage arrive on the same flight as you?
    Would you fly this airline again?
    Yes,but only on first class

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    410 round trip for first class? you did good!
    All this for a flag? Michelle Obama

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    WOW! That is a great rate even for just a 2 hour flight. I work in the travel industry and I will admit that that is a great buy.

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