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Thread: Nice Work Danny Boy

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    Default Nice Work Danny Boy

    I think this was posted awhile back, but I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this foto.

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    Default Re: Nice Work Danny Boy

    I haven't seen this one yet, haha. very nice. this a dock on dock construction technique.

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    Default Re: Nice Work Danny Boy

    The original dock is so Danny can walk on it, and look like he's walking on water.

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    Default Re: Nice Work Danny Boy

    If you ask me the perfect dock would float with the tide.

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    Default Re: Nice Work Danny Boy

    Now being a Southern Babtist, I have been subjected to a lot of hipe like the President Elect did with the honorable Jerimaya Wrong.....

    The preacher has a babtismal to the river, and says to the crowd congregated there....

    Do you belive in this Bull$hit I am shouting to you....

    and the crouwd goes wild and says, Oh yes, we even belive you can walk on the water........

    So if you truely belive, says the Honorable......

    And the crowd goes wild again..........

    Then you know in your minds I can do it.......

    And so he turns, and walks away.....

    leaveing them with a sence of hunger for more......
    To be called a "Has Been" I must surmise, is much Greater than to be called a "Nevah Been"... JW...

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