After Christmas Holiday, My father in law brother in law and I decided to take a little fishing trip to Ometepe to do a little fishing and visit our life long friend Don Rene Molina.

On this trip Marty(Padre) and Pat(elnido) were scheduled to come along with us, after all was said and done only Pat was able to come along with us.

Pat met us in Rivas where we took the small ferry to Moyogalpa. Once in Moyogalpa we took a taxi/truck throught Moyogalpa,about 15 mins from Moyogalpa we arrived at our boat pick up point. Valley Verde. Here Federico(one of Don Rene's son)picked us up and took us to the lodge.

The Winds was blowing pretty hard on this trip and I thought the fishing was gonna really suck, but I found out other wise,when a Big Guapote(about 7-10 pounds) hit my Red bellied rapala. we managed to fish for about 3 hours that afternoon and we landed about 20-25 fish out of those we caught 2 big Guapotes, I caught the biggest one,and my brother in law(Alex) caught the other one,I lost 4 fish that straighten my treble hooks. That day we were ended the day with this Beautiful Sunset

The next morning we headed out hoping for a little break,right off the bat the wind was pretty bad and we found ourselves fishing in 3-5 foot waves,despite the waves we found ourselves in this lovely Background setting,still we managed to catch another 2 big guapotes and a few Red Mojarras (not the painted kind).

Pat has his share of medium and small size guapotes,along with a few Black Mojarras, all of us caught and missed quite a few Sabaletes/Machacas.

All in all we had a good time, the good time would have been way better had the wind died down a bit,we were glad to meet Pat and wished Marty would have been there.

Let's hope for a better wind next time Pat.