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Thread: Add money to someone's Claro phone account

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    Default Add money to someone's Claro phone account

    1. Create an ezetop Account
    Fill out your details, submit them to us and then go to the link we will email you.

    2. Select the Service
    Select the country and operator where you want to send credit. Now select the credit amount and enter the mobile number of the person you wish to receive credit.

    3. Pay for Credit
    Enter your card details and pay for the transaction. You will then receive a confirmation message and an email receipt.

    I have no idea if this is a reputable method or not, or how much this company charges. Here's their company profile:

    ezetop Ltd. is an Irish based international mobile phone services company and is a subsidiary of Heytesbury Investments Ltd. ezetop’s management has extensive experience in both telecoms and financial services. Established in 2006, ezetop was founded to enable people to send mobile phone credit to family and friends back home instantly and to buy mobile credit for themselves instantly.

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    Default Re: Add money to someone's Claro phone account

    Well, Claro's system has been down all day and I can't put any credit on my phone. Maybe I'll try this since cash doesn't seem to work anymore.
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