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Thread: Mercado Oriental on the Internet

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    Default Mercado Oriental on the Internet

    Did you ever say to yourself "No way in hell will I walk through the Oriental to find a bottle of J-Lo perfume", probably not but incase you did or were looking for any other conterfeit merchandise, your wait is almost over.

    One of the largest markets in Central America now on the Internet

    They plan to make this much bigger and efficient than it already is, allowing for people to make purchases on the internet and the vendors would deliver it to your home.

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    That's pretty amazing, actually! Looks like they must have just recently gone online, as there aren't that many stores advertising.

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    Pretty cool, and a gal can't get pinched while shopping in the online Oriental Market. Too cool!
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    I have a feeling that this internet project isn't going to last long, seems like something that someone did as a side project and will eventually just forget about it.

    but the idea makes a lot of sense. either a handful of people taking orders by phone and internet and delivering the products all around Managua.

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