What a great guy and a great pitcher. He was great on Leon and for Boer. I wish him the best with the Red Sox.

Nica Prospects Hope to Make the Bigs
Devern Hansack is giving his all to make the Red Sox

By Tim Rogers
Nica Times Staff | trogers@ticotimes.net

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Other than the tall palm trees swaying in the tropical breeze beyond the outfield wall, the perfectly manicured field at City of Palms Park, home of the Boston Red Sox Spring Training Camp in Fort Myers, Florida, seems worlds removed from the overgrown and rundown ballpark in Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua, where Devern Hansack learned to throw his nasty slider more than a decade ago.

But at 31, this aging former lobsterman is once again taking the mound determined to prove that the natural pitching skills that have gotten him this far in life are good enough to take him all the way to Boston's Fenway Park when the season starts in April.

“That's my plan, you know? That's what we're here for, to make it,” Hansack told The Nica Times in an interview last week, shortly after warming up for an exhibition game against the Florida Marlins. “I am just going to put my 100 percent here, and do what I could do.”

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