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    All the info:

    OASIS HOTEL CASINO invites you to participate in the Annual Oasis International Fishing Tournament 2009 which will be held on the 26th, 27th and 28th of March 2009.

    The cost of inscription is U$70 (per fisherman), minimum of 2 fishermen per boat. The deadline for inscription is 5.00 PM on March 26th 2008.

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    The Fishing Tournament and a competition among local fisherman in their Cayucos, took place this past weekend. There were 50 participants in the 4th International Fishing Tournament. The winner, Enrique Pereira of Managua, recieved a U$1000 dollar prize.

    This event brought hundreds of tourists, national and foreign, to Bluefields to enjoy the event and enjoy Bluefields.

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    Way to go, Renco!
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    Great week for Bluefields with absolutely beautiful weather. The local economy received a much needed shot in the arm with the fishing tournament , Kayuko racing and the Atlantic Coast Baseball Series all starting on the same weekend. All of the hotels in town were sold out and the flights were full.
    Despite the world economic problems we had a great turn out, a total of 57 fishermen with five countries represented including people from as far away as Finland. This was the first year a team from Bluefields did not win the grand prize. The Corn Island team took second place in Snook and won the open category with a Jack Crevalle.
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