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Thread: Residency?

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    How hard is it to get residency-do i have to have a pensionado income of $600 a month? or can i do something else? guess I need to be a millionaire..

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    DOS and the Tres mico's are working on that now, trying like hell to get retirees to move down here and spen their money......

    There is a whole section dedicated to this question, but my mind is not up to searching for it right now....

    Time for me to call it a night and go snuggle up to my young wife.....

    Later dude...
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    Don't worry about the money part. Just tell them you are a member of FARC or a spy sent by the powers in Iran or a member of a Mideast terrorist organization. Ortega might even show up and unroll a red carpet for you.

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    Slim's answer might be correct, but here is the legal way:


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