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    Marcos Agudelo, is a renown artist in Nicaragua, 32 years old, an architect Msc. in urban planning and development, he won the First place in the Isthmus Biennale at Honduras, His winning work consists of a portable video device attached to a rock, which is supposed to be a Nicaraguan symbol of resistance against evil oppressors and invaders,and the video piece shows the artist digging a grave to the unburied, unknown patriots, named “ToAndrés Castro lost grave” The award given is named the “Tlacluilo de Oro.”
    He's actually setting an eclectic exhibition in Managua, named "Rolling like a rolling stone"., where he's showing his recents artwork on Painting, installation, photography and Architecture, is so inusual to see architecture in a Gallery here so it was a plus for me to go.
    The exhibition opening happened the last friday but it will be open for two weeks at Galeria Codice in Managua.
    Nuevo Diario

    La brujula
    "Today is a good day for an airstrike"



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