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Thread: Airshow - Brantford Ontario..

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    Default Airshow - Brantford Ontario..

    Just Noticed the Non-Nica sub header.. I figured I put it here instead of the non nica Photo section..

    The School boards (It is from schools from where the United way draws the majority of volunteers) decided to start School Sept 1 which the United way drop out, and then the school boards reneged to the typical day after Labour day. It was too late for the Unted way to jump back in..

    With a new sponsor (The Rotary club of Brant) the air show was much smaller for plane count (about 25 IIRC) this year but with a good 15% more people (About 35,000 in the gate) .. So hopefully next year is better with an F15 and 16 or two.. ..

    The rest are here... Flick river
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    Default Re: Airshow - Brantford Ontario..

    Fun pics, I haven't been to an air show is a long time. I lived by Richards-Gebaur Airforce Base and enjoyed many years of airshows.
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