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Thread: Crime Reports

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    Default Crime Reports

    Please post incidents of crime that either happened to you personally or direct aquaintances, within Nicaragua. This will help to pin point trouble areas within the country for everyone.

    We all can say that any incident could happen at anytime, anywhere in the world, but what is most concerning is repeat crimes in some areas, and if the authorities handle the issues properly, find the criminals, make arrests, and the courts penalize these people appropriately.

    The thread needs to stay on track, so it will be moderated, posts of condulences, best wishes, etc. will not be shown, but posts asking pertinent questions, the answers, and followups to the crime will be shown.

    You may also consider posting here police badge numbers, names, and the location of where these shady officers or authorities directly stopped you and asked to recieve bribes.

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    Default Re: Crime Reports

    We got a report from the wife's family that there is an ongoing series of thefts from passengers in moto-taxis riding between Mombacho (at el triangulo) and Diriomo/Diria area and between Catarina and Diriomo/Diria area. Incidents are more frequent after sunset and on nights with very little moonlight. The perps are only robbing passengers and not the drivers. Seems they don't want to discourage the drivers from continuing to provide them with victims. It is not clear at this point if the drivers are willing or unwilling participants.
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