I am posting this email that I received as a forward from a friend. I know the victims. They are freaking out, especially Kim.

This incident happened last night at Remanso:

things have change in direction that i should of seen coming, since my last e mail Kim and I was robbed last night in the casa, i will explain in detail and hope that you can forward this to Brian and Joe. we are no longer in the casa, we have moved into another place and we are hoping to get a refund.

Kim and i left the Casa last evening at 4 30pm, we were invited to some friends for dinner, i had a feeling that something bad was going to happen so we made all the precaution that were necessary for the dogs and the casa. when we return around 10 or so, we were climbing the stairs and i was shining my flash light all through out the area, making sure nobody was in front of us or around the area. we made it up to the back door and just as i opened the pad lock to the gate, two men with mask's and large knives came from the left and another two men in mask's and large knives jump us from the right and made us open the wooden door, but before we could open the door they held me at knife point and made Kim take the dogs into the bathroom, once she returned they tied me up to one of the kitchen chairs, bound my hands tied them behind me, then tied both legs to the legs of the chair so that i was not able to move. They also tied Kim wrist and made her sit there, while one of the men made some sort of comments to her that we could not at the time figure out what he was saying, (later we figured out they wanted to rape her). while we were both tied two of the four went although the casa and took everything that they could carry that was either electronic, booze, money, and a bit of food. they took everything that we had other than our clothes and the dogs. while they were ransacking all of our things, which include taking all of our suitcases from under the beds they continued to hold the sharp end of the knife to my throat and chest. Once they had gathered up everything they could carry, they returned to the kitchen and the one picked up Kim, by her breast and started to take her into the bedroom and the one that seemed to be in charge said no Tiempo. no tiempo and he left her there and put the knife back to my throat and said basically that if we called the police he would come back and kill me, because he would be watching me. This makes me believe that they have been stalking us and that was the feeling that i have been feeling. Again there is really no sort of security at remanso. So once they left i locked us in and called some friends and they came to get us and brought the police with them, i spent 2 hours with the police, while they did there investigation. Then went back to the police station and filled out a report. I was told that they wanted to do more in the morning so i picked him back up at 10 this morning and returned with fear and packed up and left remanso for good. I hope that they can find a way to find them, or try to do something so it doesn't happen again to someone else, it will only get more dangerous and probably more deadly. I would like to continue, but with your arrival on Friday i can talk more with you, which i cant wait for, you always have been a comfort to talk with. It will be easier to talk with you in person, so that the emotion of the whole thing will be seen and not just read.

Tony and Kim

PS Robin i am going to find a way to post all over the internet how it really is in Remanso, the word needs to be spead before some gets killed over a stupid i pod of 5 dollars in cash......