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Thread: Reporters want to fight?

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    Default Reporters want to fight?

    José Antonio Herrera good friend of Doris and witness at the trial

    The witnesses in SJDS are leary of the reporters, one said if they come to his house they are looking for a fight.

    Apparently 6 reporters from CNN showed up to José Antonio Herrera yesterday asking him questions that has nothing to do with the case. and other questions such as "if he was an enemy of Volz" and "could the crime have happened at night."

    Apparently Herrera is the one that testified that Volz beat the girl and threatened her life.

    The mother of the girl has also said she wont talk to the reporters anymore becuase they are only making Volz the victim.

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    Default Re: Reporters want to fight?

    It's never a good day if CNN, Dateline or 60 Minutes show up at your house. That's a Universal I guess. did they at least send CNN Español.

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    Default Transcript?

    When is the Transcript of the trial to be released?

    Has it been released?

    I understand that the trial was only Audio recorded and that the transcript was to be done at some point later.

    If the transcript has not been released then some must be leaking some info here and there. One blog has info about some conspiracy where Volz using the 2 others to help in the crime. One guy was a lookout. Did Volz know the 2 guys before the crime? First I have heard this but makes sense as SJDS is a small town.

    Anyone know the link for the full transcribed transcript in English?

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    Ahhh the elusive transcript....

    Good question Gringo,Dam good question, I would like to see it also, as I guess many others as well, How can we find it?

    Is not that stuff supposed to be public information?

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