My wife has one last grandparent left, whom lives just 2 blocks away from us, and 2 blocks from Huembes Mercado. He is in his early 70's and walks with a slight limp, very docile person. He was coming home from the market with a bag of vegetables and about 100 cordobas in his pocket.

In front of a Cybercafe/Pharmacy on one of the corners next to a bank with CPF's guarding in front, at about 3:30 PM today, he was hit over the head by a man with an unknown object. A lady grabbed him as he was falling and went through his pockets. He passed out and was taken to the hospital down the road. He is back in his house now, with a pretty bad lump on his head and some bloody gauze pads. He does not remember much of what happened after he passed out.