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    The Rivas Texaco

    I am hesitant to discuss a recent occurrence because I really don’t enjoy folk’s complaints about the difficulties that exist being a Gringo in another country… But my base emotion of anger has trumped my desire for anonymity free of any whining.

    I have often stopped at the Rivas Texaco while driving south to CR or to San Juan Del Sur... Be it the familiar business name or quasi half way mark of a trip from Managua. It has always seemed like a reasonable respite.
    So last Saturday morning struck out to the Border to get my renewed 30 day permission for my car.
    This time however I had just completely topped off my car at the Esso in Masaya... So not really needed to stop, I fell into prior routine and not knowing what would occur on this border crossing, I choose to top off my tank and go relieve myself of Nicaragua’s finest breakfast beverage.
    Pulling up I noticed remarkably that rather than the usual single or even a second attendant at each pump, there were six red shirt Texaco attendants at the pump Island I was pulled up at. For a second I thought that the Sandis were opting to protest at Texaco as well as the roundabouts.
    So after a warm 6 man welcome I requested that they fill my gas tank, and I explicitly told them it was nearly full so stop at 200 Cords whichever came first. I then hurriedly headed to the lovely accommodations provided for urinating which has all the allure of what I imagine a correctional facility might be like.
    After immediately returning and I assure no additional time was spent lingering in the rest room I discovered that I had purchased 877 cordovas of Regular gas. Now I know I committed the greatest sin in Nicaragua which is not to mind the gas station attendants like Goalie in some convoluted sporting event, but this was egregious. I knew without a doubt that this was theft or I had a puncture in my tank. Not noticing a puddle of gas at my feet the first option was all that remained.
    Now I went out of my way to identify the issue and said it wasn’t accurate but rather than make a federal case here I simply elected to pay the crooks. Choosing not to use the additional cash on hand for this unplanned theft, I choose to put it on my visa card, the Kafka like set of events was now fully in place because today I discovered that additional 120 dollars was charged to purchase a cell phone. I haven’t used that card in Nicaragua for over 4 months and that was the only time I have used it since.
    Take heed and learn from my mistake… Keep your eye on your attendant and for god’s sake don’t let this guy near your Visa.

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    Cash is king. No need to use cards unless at ATM. You have to watch em and make sure they reset the pump. This happened to me at the Station near the airport. I had a rental and filled up and gave the guy a $100.00 dollar bill. He came back with about 27.00 USD in Cords. I knew this was the work of just the one guy-Cause I yelled "motherfucker", and all the attendants took notice. He ran back inside and came back with 30 more dollars.

    You have to call em on it-cultural thing about embarrassment. Nicas avoid it like the H1N1.

    My avatar is meant to promote a negative visual response and I make no moral equivocations between images. To me all are scumbags to some degree and each has own emotional response.

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