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Thread: Nicaraguan Fishermen Lost At Sea

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    Default Nicaraguan Fishermen Lost At Sea

    Source: CNN, 17 January, 1999. Seven Nicaraguan fishermen survived a month lost at sea by eating turtle meat and drinking turtle blood, an odyssey that took them to Hawaii and back. Their small fishing boat Yadira 1 set sail from Nicaragua's southern Pacific coast on Dec. 5, but the ship's motor and radio broke down, leaving the men adrift until they were rescued by a Norwegian merchant ship about 575 miles (925 km) out at sea. The Norwegian ship, on its way to Japan, dropped the men off in Hawaii, and they finally returned to their fishing town of San Juan del Sur.

    Two of the seven fishermen shared their story on Friday 13 November 2009 at El Timon Restaurant. The presentation of their story was part of the week long activities prior to Saturday's Panga Fishing Tournament. More than 70 vessels passed before being recused and brought to Hawaii... a long way from their home in Nicaragua.
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    Default Re: Nicaraguan Fishermen Lost At Sea

    It is a good story, I heard that happining to a group of Ticos as well, but Bligh's return to England beat 'em all after the mutiny on the Bounty.....

    I think he still holds the worlds record....

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