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Thread: The Purisima in Calle Cuiscoma, Granada

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    Default The Purisima in Calle Cuiscoma, Granada


    I recently gave the slightly unfair impression that my road in Granada, Calle Cuiscoma, is inundated with drunken thugs.

    Whilst we certainly have our share of itinerant wasters, my neighbours are also capable of displaying great charm.

    I recently made a 3 minute film depicting a Purisima procession on our road. You can watch it here:

    I think it's important to keep things balanced

    Meanwhile, my apologies if the streaming is slow (I myself have trouble viewing it).

    As with all internet videos and poor connections, you can hit pause and leave it to download for a few minutes, then return and hit play...

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    Default Re: The Purisima in Calle Cuiscoma, Granada

    The guy (with the glasses) that crosses in front of the camera right at the end of the video (2:56+) is the son of the family I stayed with in 2004. Se llama Freddy! Nice video!
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    Default Re: The Purisima in Calle Cuiscoma, Granada

    Hey, I tried to look up Huetihuete Bob and his posts and pics about this subject, and I cannot find it anywhere, not even on the members list.....

    But I did see a nice pic of Yak and his squeeze......

    What happened?
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