Fake Cops Busted

The National Police from Rivas recently assisted the SJdS detachment in mounting a successful operation to bust a gang of thieves responsible for a scam/robbery at a San Juan del Sur farm on the 11th of December, during which the thieves had posed as Police Officers and stolen a computer and a digital camera.

In last week’s police operation, seven homes in the area were searched and six suspects arrested from the area of Escameca. El Nuevo Diario, the National newspaper reported the names of the six arrested as; Jerónimo José Balmaceda, Wilber Miranda Rodríguez and Bayardo José Mercado as well as brothers; Mauricio Antonio, Denis y Rafael Aburto Martínez.

The vehicles (a car and a motorbike) that are believed to belong to the suspect Balmaceda were identified by the farm workers as being used in the commission of the crime. As well, the police say that Miranda Rodriguez was found to be in possession of four blue shirts with police insignia.

The property is owned by a Canadian, Robert Hoffman, who told police that at 11:30 at night, the six suspects (at least two in the uniforms) had approached workers on the property and asked to go down to the beach. The suspects, posing as Police Officers then said they needed to check property from the house and took away a computer and digital camera. They told the victim that he could pick it up from the district police station at La Flor. Police have now handed the file over to Prosecutors from the District Court.