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Thread: Nica Economic Stimulus Plan...Part II

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    Default Nica Economic Stimulus Plan...Part II

    I. M. Here.....reporting from that Hopi Sweat Lodge...Known as Leon, Nicaragua...after this posting...back to my retreat in the mountains

    How will the new Lada Saab model be launched? I. M. again has the answer , exclusive to TRN readers


    CARTS FOR CARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, an even and ox carts (Complete sets only please) for a brand new Nica Lada Saab Model !!!!!!


    This is modeled after the highly successful CASH-FOR-"CLUNKERS" (also CFC) brought to you by the current US Congress and signed by Pres O'B

    Highlights of that program (also know as the SKARA...the South Korean auto Industry recovery Act) were:

    1. $24,000 per cars in subsidies
    2. 8 of 10 cars sold were foriegn brands
    3. The Cars were spray painted with "CLUNKER" on the side

    In Reality:

    1. The USA / Mexico border towns crossing points are so choked with CLUNKER BRAND cars atempting to cross into Mexico that not even the drug cartels mules can cross the border.

    2. I. M. contacts in RAAS AND RAAN indicate that there are so many "Clunker Brand" cars on the coast that the it is expected that the most popular 2010 newborn name will Be "Clunker" as they were all conceived in the banned behemoth backseats.


    1. A simple exchange, but must be in Corinto....a horse/cart or Ox/cart and whip and you get a set of keys for your brand new Lada.

    2. Then the animal/cart is boarded on a retro fitted Venezuelan cart carrying empty oil tanker and returned back to Caracess...., tanker refilled with crude and back to Corinto for another deck-full of barter.

    3. The newly arrived cart Combo's are then exchanged (by force, of course) for autos and trucks in Caracas,,,Thus reducing fuel consumption in that country, which allows MORE oil to be send to Hugo's next target,,,err..Country AND

    4. Complete Hugo's RARA Plan in Venezuela...Reverse Agricultural Reform Act....Bringing the country back to its lowest common demominator...dirt poor..

    5. Nicaragua with more cars...needs more oil from...where else..Hugo Oil SA with more profits for the inner circle in NicaLand..

    There it is...a perfect plan: THE NICAGAUA ECONOMIC STIMULUS ACT for the masses
    ..more opportunities for Hugo
    ..More greenbacks for those in charge in NicaLand

    But then again:

    I. M. Malarkey

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    Default Re: Nica Economic Stimulus Plan...Part II

    I.M. I am fixin. to knock holes in your plan........

    Red meat in both Nicaragua, and Hugolandia is scarce as hens teeth, Nicaragua has a bit more per capita but that lead is slowly going down according to recent farm reports...

    I like your posts, but you did not factor in your report, that niether country can really feed itself.....

    All the leaders chew coca leaves and are disillusioned......

    Soon will be tradeing back Mercedes Benz's for the bones of the animals back to even make a soup.......

    Again I.M. your report was great, so I thought I would add a bit of indepth information to it.....

    Don't be offended, but as you have joined us, we on TRN, and the World for that matter that is watching each of us and slowly, diligently gathering information on all of us to use against each one of us........

    Wait a minute here, 1984 is passed, what am I saying?

    I'll just fold my wings and shut up for now.....
    To be called a "Has Been" I must surmise, is much Greater than to be called a "Nevah Been"... JW...

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