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Thread: Comision for Peace and Reconcilation?

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    Default Comision for Peace and Reconcilation?

    Cardenal Miguel Obando said yesterday that the comission for Verification, Reconciliation and Peace is not functioning because President Daniel Ortega has not published a decree of the constitution in the Gacet, nor has he named and executive secretary.

    He also said that the comission should be located where Violeta held her office of Presidency.

    He also said that Ortega said that the comission would not recieve a budget, and Obando said that they need funds or they could not operate.

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    The US Ambassador said that they may help Obando y Bravo's new commision of reconciliation and Peace, however first they must see his plans and purpose.

    Paul Trivelli recalled the projects of cooperation that the UNited States Government has developed in the country in recent years, directed to favor the victims of the war of the '80's.

    “Obviously we have done much work in the last 15 years, in the country with the productors, with x-combatents, with people that were victims of mines, so we have quite a bit of work related to the reconciliation, peace and developement, in the aspect of economics in different areas of the Country, especially in the North”, Trivelli said.

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