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    This Semana Santa we would like to plan a getaway to the Jinotega Apanas area, really not picky about what part as long as its close to some nice place to bathe in the lake. I would love to go to the beach, but the crowds make it so unapealing to me. Jinotega seems like the perfect place, a tad bit cooler, and a nice lake to swim in.

    There are quite a few cheap hospedaje, hotel, camping type of locations along the lake. We are looking for some cheap options that people have tried out before. We plan on spending maybe 4 nights there.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Escape the crowds

    This is a Beautiful place in Apanas, The Finca is called El Peten I do not know if they have a Hotel but here is a website
    Dios es Amor!

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    Default Re: Escape the crowds

    Hey that is Fishercigarman's back yard......

    Buy you a tent and really do something the kids will remember the rest of their life.....

    I think he spear fishes their as well, I think 'ole 3F could get into that too.....
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