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Thread: Corn Island Pineapples

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    Default Corn Island Pineapples

    This is one of the dozen or so pineapple plants Marvin has, he planted them a few years back & they are supposed to be from over around Pearl Lagoon (the best supposedly), they make some wicked type of moonshine with pineapple over there, I have yet to get my hands on any yet, but have some promised to me for next trip.

    The funny thing is that about 2 weeks before this picture was taken we almost cut them all down because they were not bearing. The conversation went something like this:

    Marvin - Cut these damn things down, I planted them 2 years ago & not shit
    Kevin - Where does the pineapple come out (I am from Oklahoma, don't know shit about a pineapple)
    Marvin - Hell I don't know, maybe underground, maybe we should dig them up
    Kevin - We are not ready to plant here yet, let's worry about them later, I will try to read up on the internet about these damn things

    Well I guess the pineapples were listening (or at least getting the message) because 3-4 days later 10 of the 12 were bearing, they grow fast & this is what they looked like within 2 weeks of the fruit showing up. Just another crazy day on the Island.

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    Default tell...

    us about the moonshine!
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