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Thread: Santa Teresa/La Conquista??

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    Default Santa Teresa/La Conquista??

    Hi again. I wasn't sure where I should put this topic, but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Santa Teresa / La Conquista area?

    Is it green all year round? Horses? Rural? Etc.?

    Just wondering if anyone could help me out with any info. I tried looking for it all over the place first (I don't want to bother you guys with every single question I have), but I guess it's very small, since there really isn't a lot about it anywhere. The only google image I got on it was of a mother and her kids sitting in front of a house.

    Anyway, any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!

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    Please bother us! That's why we're here. I haven't heard of that area, but I'm sure someone here has.

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    great,thanks! I know it's in the Jinotepe area, south of Managua, but I'm not too sure about anything other than that.

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    Thanks a lot! I really appreciate you looking that up.

    Wow, it's a VERY poor area.

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    There are a handful of quaint towns in this area. Santa Teresa is a decent-sized town, but I'm not sure about the shopping situation. I would imagine for some things, you'd have to come up to Jinotepe.

    The streets are somoza paver at the front of town, but nice, smooth blacktop on the west side of town. In fact, they've got a gorgeous road from Santa Teresa to La Conquista. Not many cars using it, just a few cowboys that I saw.

    La Conquista is an adorable little town with real friendly folk. I had been looking for a road on the west side of town, and kept stopping to ask folks. They were ALL so helpful. I'm sure they were amused at the gringa who didn't speak Spanish and was insistent that there should be a passable road here somewhere. Oh well, it ain't the first time I've given them a chuckle...and it sure won't be the last!

    Another town near here is Guisquiliapa. Too cute for words! You can find elevations, precipitation charts, etc at Just click on the first letter of a town in Carazo that you're interested in, and each new page will have a listing of nearby towns that you can lookup as well. Happy hunting!

    I've got some photos from that area, somewhere around here, if I could just get this darn drive to work...AAAGH. I'll post them should I get it straightened out...quizas.
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    Default Okay, computers workin' again so

    here's some pix from the area:

    the road to El Rosario (nice somoza paver),

    this is a road right across the Pan Am Hwy from El Rosario.

    here's the road to dulce nombre, just south of Jinotepe.

    And here's some pix from Guisquiliapa:

    this is the park,

    the church,

    and some local construction in town.

    Oh, by the way, yes to horses, yes to being rural, and yes to being green (as long as we've had a good rainy season). Last year was a bit dry and it's showing in less flowers and some dry grasses in this area.
    "Patience is a virtue, but persistence to the point of success is a blessing."

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    Thanks so much! You've given me a lot more info than I could have found on my own.

    You've been a HUGE help, I really appreciate you and everyone else on here who go out of their way to look up information and post pictures for those of us who have no idea.

    Thanks again!!

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