RHI = Rumor Hearsay Innuendo...

Today I was talking to one of the design eng's at work. He was
born in Spain and came to Canada when he was 5 or 6 yrs old.. He is now in
his late 30's.

His (retired) parents split time between Canada and Spain. He spent 3 wks in Spain over the Christmass holidays as wll.

I asked if he or his parents had heard of any news of Spain's belt
tightening and if specifically if there was a contraction forecast in
their extensive loans and Grants in C.A.

He did not hear of any thing that applied to C.A. specificly but there
is a very big contraction in spending occurring.

But then he told me something I did not know. Apparently the Spanish
Government is offering legal immigrants from S.A and C.A a full paid
return ticket home AND 2 years of paid unemployment benefits if the promise not to return to the EU for 5 years...

Apparently there are billboards in Madrid advertising the fact....

Has anyone had interaction with someone who has returned to Nica on a 30,000 to 50,000 Euro, 5 yr vacation???