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Thread: San Carlos Sport Fishing & Discovery Trips

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    Default San Carlos Sport Fishing & Discovery Trips

    San Carlos Sport Fishing & Discovery Trips MAY 2010
    La Esquina del Lago Jungle River Eco Lodge
    National Park Los Guatuzos, San Carlos, Rio San Juan, Nicaragua.
    Why only fish when you can have much more...
    World Class Fishing... Plus Discovery, Adventures, Prime Birding, Wild Life, National Park, History, Arts...
    Nicaragua Rio san Juan is Authentic...

    What they say upon us .. Field &Stream MAGAZINE " Welcome to Tarpon Paradise..." Click Peachin & Peachin Article Click
    SPORTFISHING MAGAZINE " Nicaragua 's River of Tarpon ..." Click

    All Include Fishing & Discovery Packages
    Pricing of my fishing Adventures has been the same since two years ...
    In Nicaragua as every where we have an increase in Operation Cost due to Gas and local inflation. I will change my rate on the first of July this year.
    Before application of New rate, I wish to make a special offer:
    It is valid for all trip confirm with a deposit before the 30 th of June 2010

    Special Offer is:
    Discount of 5% on Actual Rate for all trips confirm before the 30th of June 2010
    Trip can be done from now till the end of 2010 and also from January till end of june 2011

    For Complete rate, General condition and detailed itinerary... Please E mail me
    Philippe at: &

    NOTE In order to preserve quality of fishing and Service I only receive party from 1 Angler to a maximum of 12 per week
    All Include Packages
    Fishing & Discovery
    We will be waiting for you at International Airport of San Jose or Managua
    * All local Transfer Include Air or Road
    * All Lodging
    * All meals, all soft Drinks,
    * Fishing from T top central console Sport Fishing
    boats, New Engines, all gas Include
    * Fishing available from 5 am till 7 pm up to 13 Hours per day
    * All Pro Tackles, Conventional and Fly Fishing
    * Fishing Permit
    * Two Pro Guides aboard
    * Etc...
    4 days $ 1457 5 Days $ 1787 6 days $ 2117
    7Days $ 2447 8 Days $ 2777 9 Days $ 3107

    NOTE Pricing is per guest 2 coming

    Discount for Groups, Clubs, etc.. Up to 12 Anglers

    Please consult Email

    *Tarpon 90lb 200lb plus... All year Round in Upper Rio San Juan Mid August till mid November down River around San Juan Del Norte Caribean sea .
    *Snook up to 40lb plus .We catch themcatch all year round in Upper Rio San Juan, Best Mid August till mid November down River around San Juan Del Norte Caribean sea where we go now with our new Adventures ( Please Scroll down and have a Glanse at Special Expedition Down River ).
    *Rainbow bass, Machaca, Mojara,Wapote All year Round in Solentiname Archipelago Nicaragua Lake
    *Jacks, Spanish Macquerel, Wahoo...etc.. Mid August till mid November down River around San Juan Del Norte Caribean sea

    Rio San Juan News May 2010 ( Please Scroll down )
    *Fishing report and Fishing predictions *Techniques Conventional & Fly fishing *Hotel Jungle River Eco Lodge la Esquina del Lago
    *Kids and environment program *Tarpon preservation program *Exploration trips *New Trip: All the way down River
    *International tournament *TV Shows and Magazine Articles * Safety in Nicaragua

    Fishing Report 15th May 2010 & Fishing prediction.
    We had our usual good fishing since beginning of the year, except in some heavy sunny days in months of March & April when due to a dry summer we had hard time to connect with Active Tarpon... (If Shallow hot water tarpon get lazy on day time, feed at night...)
    Since a few weeks River is Growing so Tarpon and big snook coming from the Caribbean sea are back . Tarpon are now present in large quantity around Sabalo, Medio Quesso, Palo de Arco... Size between 90lb/150lb plus some monster (200lb+ ) . In last two weeks we report Many Snooks close from San Carlos size 15/20lb
    It will be the same conditions till the month of April 2010 .. After it will be dry season again...
    From January this year we went several time all the way down to the Caribean cost... Till San Juan del norte 120 miles down river..a long ride but so beautiful... These new expeditions are no doubt very interesting as real adventures going through the rapids, the virgin beauty of reserve Indio Mais, wild life, historical sites, Crocs, Prime birding....
    Meanwhile unless specifics weather ( Winds condition than we only can know at last moment ) I confirm than only good time of the year to do that is between Mid August till Mid November because this is the only time of the year when we are 90% Certain to be able to also fish at sea outside the mouth of the River.
    For the rest of the year I confirm
    Up river Rio San Juan between San Carlos and Castillo 50 miles Good fishing in all months for Tarpon and Snook ( Only restriction may be April and May if very hot weather...and Low River level )
    Solentiname Good all year round for Rainbow bass, Machaca, Mojara, Wapote....

    Technique Conventional & Fly fishing
    We fish Conventional, Spining, Bait Castiing, Troling on line maximum 40 lb Braided or nylon

    We offer Optimum conditions
    * Quiet fresh water allow us to fish light..... as low as 12lb....
    * You will fish from true Sportfishing boat with Central T-Top
    * My boats have a Large Fighting platform in Front so ideal condition for the fight, fish being in front of boat...Guide behind you, boat driver in the back.
    * For safety reason we always fish with two pro guides aboard, One Driving the boat, the other one taking care of fishing...

    Fishing for Tarpon is CATCH & RELEASE We fish with Barbless hooks, We do not use gaff ...We grab fish by the lower jaw,
    Pictures are taken with fish on side of the boat as according to our experience and a very interesting study made by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI) ( lifting the fish and putting it in the boat to take picture would cause severe damages.
    In 2009 We had the chance to receive a Team of Tarpon Expert coming from USA.. Gerald Ault from MIAMI UNIVERSITY Rosenthiel Center, Tarpon to morrow Fundation, Texas Tournament Organisation...etc... Thanks to them we learned a lot upon Tarpon.... Their life, Proper way to release, Reanimation Technique.. Goal is to enjoy our sport but to give optimum chance of survival to fish...During a week we made with them the first ever done Sat tag program in Central America. . All Tarpon we taged and released with the Sat Tag up river around San Carlos and Saballo ( 120 miles from sea ) went back at sea then go South...?? We lost tracks in front of Southern caribean cost of Costa Rica and North of Panama.....
    We are also now monitoring temperature of the water in the river as it is a basic Factor in Tarpon Life Optimum temperature being around

    We improve a lot our technics for fly fishing. Yes since many years I have top Fly Equipment for my Guest SAGE, BILLY PATE... But this is not enough Guiding for Fly fishing trip is diferent.. Pollo, Champa and Alexandro are constantly working on their technique and thanks to several Fly fishing guests who came they did learn a lot. A special thanks to Mr Christian Acard who apart from being a very nice person to be around is also no doubt a fly fishing expert and an excellent Teacher.

    Hotel Jungle River Eco Lodge La Esquina del Lago
    My lodge is the only Hotel, Jungle lodge in National Park of Los Guatuzo category Hospedage Ecologico,( Eco Lodge ).
    In last two years I made a lot of improvement more Rooms, New Decks, New Rancho on Lake and River Bank, Full Solar Energy , Full black water treatment, Rain water recuperation... so MIFIT, INTUR and MARENA fully approved my entire project.
    Obviously in the future my priority will still be Sport Fishing but I now also offer additional Eco Friendly activities as Bird watching tours, Canoe and Kayak Adventures al the way down San Juan River, Specialized tours in the entire area upon History, Bird watching...
    All these activities can be integrate in my all Include Fishing Discovery Package.

    Kids and environment program
    Concerned by environment and Nature preservation in the Rio San Juan area ... I have a program for kids of school of San Carlos. Every Saturday a group of 8 Kids go first at lodge for a short class then for a tour in National Park of Los Guatuzo with two of my guides.. No fishing only sightseeing of Nature. Amazing to see how so much concern they are... So many questions...
    More than a Hundred kids of San Carlos already participate in this Free activity

    Tarpon Preservation Program
    For each guest coming fishing with us I save $25 witch are deposit in a Bank Account... Trip after trip total increase
    This money will be dedicated to a Rio San Juan Tarpon Protection Foundation than I am creating... On this project I have support of MARENA and National Fishery Administration.
    We plan to develop Tagging program, Give some resource to Rangers in charge of wild life protection...etc
    Obviously any help , support, suggestions on this idea are more than welcome.

    Our Exploration trips
    Always enjoying Discovery and trying to improve Fishing I offer to my Guests
    *In the great Lake I made some explorations trips around Papaturo..Boca Ancha and other Rivers entering the Great Lake Did not found new top places yet except a special spot for Machaca. soon to be explore the northern river banks of Great Lake
    *Trips all the way down River to San Juan del Norte has been very interesting... Problem being down there Ruff sea or Not..??? . Calm water In the lagoon around but even if fishing a lot there we did not had many fish... If we can enter at sea it is the absolute contrary...
    Very very good fishing for Tarpon, snook...and also tipically sea Fish as Jacks, Spanish Macquerel, Wahoo, Baracuda... all these predator feeding on small baits...( Gardumen ) Also when sea is calm we can fish for good size snook... 20lb/ 35 lb from the beach... I will not forget this special morning when fishing three rods from beach we caught on soft lures 14 snook in two hours... size 20lb/35lb... This day remember me how fishing was 20 years ago in Costa Rica when I was fishing Barra samay close from Barra Colorado.. Every morning I was catching casting from shore.two, three , four... of these snook .. Then due to Comercial netting and?..or? .. they disapeared... I hope same thing will not happen on our Nicaragua Spots.

    New trip Expedition All the way down river
    I made up my decision and I have now AVAILABLE these expeditions all the way down river open for my guests but Only from Mid August till Mid November each year when sea is quiet.
    For these new trips basic program is
    Day 1 Ariving Managua or San Jose Transfer to lodge
    Day 2 Fishing up river San carlos till Palo de arco, Tarpon Snook Night Esqina del Lago
    Day 3 Fishing up River San Carlos to Rapid of Saballo Tarpon Snook Night in Saballo or Castillo
    Day 4 Morning fishing Saballo or Castillo Tarpon Snook Then down River to San Juan del Norte Night San Juan del Norte
    Day 5 Fishing at sea From Boat or shore..Tarpon, Snook, Jacks, Wahoo,Spanish Macquerel etc Night San Juan del Norte
    Day 6 Fishing at sea From Boat or shore..Tarpon, Snook, Jacks, Wahoo,Spanish Macquerel etc Night San Juan del Norte
    Day 7 Morning fishing at sea Return up river to San Carlos
    Day 8 Departure day
    * This program is flexible we can accomodate diferently but 8 days with us is the strict minimum to do it.
    * These trips are a mix Discovery and Top Fishing...They have a strong taste of Adventure meanwhile all around Lodging and meals are good. Safety is not a Problem.
    * Going down river after el Castillo, Travel 120 miles of Jungle river Go Through the rapids, Discover the Reserve Indio Mais, The Crocs, The Incredible Bird Watching, the historical sites, the fortress in the Jungle, the Gold rush vestiges, the Transoceanic Channel... etc etc is a Unique true authentic Experience.

    TV Shows and Magazine articles
    A special thanks to friends whose advise me of my presence on TV Shows almost all over the world, several being broadcast on CNN, DISCOVERY CHANNEL ....
    Our Rio San Juan Destination is becoming more and more known... Good for my operation but I consider than the most important is than these shows will no doubts help for a much better knowledge of Nicaragua .. ( and also the articles published in Field and Stream, Sportfishing Magazine...etc...).
    Concerning TV fishing shows . All videos upon San Carlos Sport Fishing have been shot in short fishing trips.. for example in the one with Cyrill Chauquet broadcast on DISCOVERY CHANNEL we only fished a total of 2 days ..and show is very Impressive. No doubt this demonstrate quality of our fishing and big quantities of fish we catch and release here.... Also exceptional size of Tarpon around.

    Safety in Nicaragua
    International fame of Nicaragua is poor...People are scared to come...
    Yes there are economics problems here.. Nicaragua is one of the poorest country in the Americas but a friend was telling me than in a recent oficial study done by a Major International Institution Nicaragua is rated #2 among all the Americas concerning safety, less crime per Capita...Only beaten by Canada.!!!!..
    I confirm, All my past guests ( More then 1200 ) can confirm it Nicaragua is a safe destination.
    Nicaragua will become in the future a premium tourist destination... , it has as so much to offer... Pacific and Caribean coast, Granada, The volcanoes, Omotepe, Mombacho...Rio San Juan, the National Parks, The great Lake, Leon...And most important in my Opinion PEOPLE ARE NICE COUNTRY IS STILL AUTHENTIC....
    I like what Mr Bill heavey of FIELD & STREAMS MAGAZINE wrote as a title in the 5 Pages article published upon my Operation...´¨ The civil war is over in Nicaragua.Tarpon unfished for 30 years are hungry and no ones knows...¨¨

    International Tournament
    On the 13th and 14th of September 2010 will be held the now traditional Rio San Juan International Tournament. This year is THE SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY EDITION as it will be tournament number 50. This is the oldest Tarpon Fishing Tournament in Central America.
    We expect many anglers this year, We have a better Organized Comity and already support of more Sponsor.
    In order to suport the Tournament As every year on the 12th there will be a special Tournament Welcome Free Party at my Lodge for all persons concerned : Anglers and comity... Every body is invited ...Free Music, Food and drinks for everyone.. The perfect occasion to share.. know each other better and talk fishing... Tournament is also the annual event for town of San Carlos all town is concern...Comercial fair, Shows, Concert, Miss election,...a lot of fun around.

    Philippe Tisseaux E mail

    San Carlos Sport Fishing, La Esquina del Lago Jungle River Eco Lodge,
    Parque Nacional Los Guatuso, Bocana de rio Frio, San Carlos, Rio San Juan, Nicaragua.
    Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do.
    So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Mark Twain

    Web Pages Sport Fishing : ,,
    Web page Hotel Jungle lodge La Esquina del lago Tours:,
    Lodge (505) 83 35 42 54 Philippe cel Phone (505) 88 49 06 00 Costa Rica ( 506) 88 42 76 73

    1) Since several months I have Internet comunications problems.. I am Locate in a Nacional Park working with the only available Slow Modem Conection
    People are contacting me for Informations.. My answers do not reach them.?? I figure problem is both ways...
    In order to try to avoid this Kind of Problem in case you wish to be in Touch with me please send Email to both My email accounts witch are
    Sorry for this inconvenience..
    2) Also in no way I wish to Spam or being a pain in your E mail Box...
    If you are not interested upon what happen on our Rio San Juan please advise me I will quit your E mail adress from my listing.
    Sincerely Philippe Tisseaux
    Life's different here ... It's a whole 'nother pace.

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    Default Re: San Carlos Sport Fishing & Discovery Trips

    I have been up and down that river about 4 times, and if you want action, adventure, and plain 'ole meeting some good people, this is where it is.....
    To be called a "Has Been" I must surmise, is much Greater than to be called a "Nevah Been"... JW...

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    Default Re: San Carlos Sport Fishing & Discovery Trips

    Tough area to get to but well worth the trip. Made it as far as El Castillo last year.

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