1. Nicaragua General Info- Major Cities and Departments

    Here is a nice little piece of info,where folks can read about Nicaragua's Departments and it's Capitals.

    Anything from population,to elevation and businesses etc.
    Scroll below the map,and you will find each department and it's capital city, by clicking on either one, you will get it's respective general info.

  2. I love this song

    Thou depressing,it's scary how much truth there is within it's lyrics .
    I just wanted to share it with you guys

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  3. The Main Nicaragua Cultural problem is:

    Too many folks,thinking they know too much about our culture,when in fact they DON'T.

    Believe it or not,Nicaragua has MANY cultural faces,some folks in the North WILL act/react different than those south,thus creating a cultural diversity.
    While those living in SJDS,Managua,RASS,ETCmay be in touch with the LOCAL culture,they may be out of touch with the Northern culture.
    Just because you lived 13+years around the Granada area and the RASS,don't think you would be an expert ...
  4. Nicaraguan Baseball Links

    I am doing this due to the request of Billy.

    Currently in Nicaragua there are 2 baseball tournaments:

    The Liga Nicaraguense De Beisbol Profesional LNBP :

    And The Campeonato Nacional De Beisbol Superior German Pomares:

    I am placing them here for quick references.

    I know for sure eldoc,jack and billy will enjoy them
  5. Driving Tips for Most of Nicaragua

    I have been driving in Nicaragua,since I first went back in late 1989. I have not had a single accident,Knock on wood, I have however, several scares and dodged a couple of would be tickets.

    There have been numerous upgrades to many Nicaraguan roads that now make it not only safer,but more enjoyable,yeah there is still a handful of roads that still need fixing, it took a disaster like Mitch to fix our primary roads, but hey, at least they DID get done,but that is another story behind ...
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