1. A Day of Plenty (of Food that is!)

    Who says that there´s nothing to do (or nothing to eat) in Alamikamba? Today it was all about food!

    Drank fresh roasted coffee prepared by Kuka at sunrise
    Ceferino bought 4 pounds of fresh beef before breakfast
    Ate beef heart and liver for breakfast (no rice or beans). Dogs were not happy that I ate everything on my plate!
    I picked a tub of guayabas from a tree in our patio to make jelly
    I cut two green papayas from our patio to add to jelly
    Drank ...
  2. Tonto Vivo - A Fool´s Revenge!

    We just added a new member to the family. According to A Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica, our new recruit is a Keel-billed Toucan (Ramphastos sulfuratus). This toucan variety is distinguished by its huge rainbow-colored beak. For those less inclined to enter the wilds of a tropical ...
  3. Regarding Writers, Salesmen, Advertising and Poking Fun!

    Originally Posted by mupitara
    After I finished my very first blog (see Kuka´s Kubús) on TRN, I was so excited that I wanted to write something else to post immediately. The only thing is that when I sat down to write I came up with nine different experiences that I wanted to tell you about!

    After all, this is your opportunity to learn all about life with the Indians in the outback of the atlantic coast of Nicaragua. I really couldn´t decide which one to write about first. And,
  4. A Texan´s Fairy Tale (Part 2 of 2) Hunting on the Reserve

    Continued from...
    A Texan´s Fairy Tale (Part 1 of 2) The Family´s Situation

    Well in case you fine folks decided to skip Part 1, I´d better repeat something that I explained there:

    Me being a misplaced Texan and all, I feel obliged to preface the story that I´m about to continue to tell with,
    ¨Ya´ll ain´t gonna believe this s&$*, but......¨

    Hunting on the Reserve


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  5. A Texan´s Fairy Tale (Part 1 of 2) The Family´s Situation

    A friend of mine on a flyfishing club forum in Texas recently posted the following:

    Texas Flyfishers Piscatorial Patter/Puck
    In typical fairy tales the the beginning starts::
    "Once upon at time......"

    A typical Texas fairy tale begins::
    "Ya'll ain't gonna believe this s&$*, but......"

    A Texan´s Fairy Tale

    Well JPJW and the rest of you fine folks,

    Me being a misplaced ...

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