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  1. Nicaraguan Baseball Links

    I am doing this due to the request of Billy.

    Currently in Nicaragua there are 2 baseball tournaments:

    The Liga Nicaraguense De Beisbol Profesional LNBP :

    And The Campeonato Nacional De Beisbol Superior German Pomares:

    I am placing them here for quick references.

    I know for sure eldoc,jack and billy will enjoy them
  2. how to find motorcycles dealers

    Could any one tell me how can I find motorcycles dealers ?
  3. Importing Things Versus Moving With Things!

    I Have posted several times about this so called Importing issues I guess they get lost in the shuffle, so here I go again,this time on a personal entry.

    There is a difference between Importing things,and Moving With Things .

    1) In order to import things you don't necessarely need to permanently live in Nicaragua,as long as you own a business you can pretty much import business related items with None or Half Duties. Check the [b]Custums/Aduana Link ...
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