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Thread: baseball games on LCI?

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    Default baseball games on LCI?

    I'll be on LCI in December - I've heard about an island baseball league? When and where are games played?

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    Nobody seems to be answering this one, and I do not have the answers for you, but my wife and I saw a game at the stadium on Big Corn Island in 2006, in August. Not a big stadium, but it was packed.

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    Default Re: baseball games on LCI?

    Sundays at the Stadium on Big Corn. The team(s) from Little Corn come over to play in the league. Try to plan your trip so that you hit Big Island on a Sunday, Sunday night is a big night, especially towards Christmas as many Islanders living off come home for the Holidays. Nico's is always hopping on Sunday night.

    Baseball, Softball, and Little League are played on Little Island, but I don't know if any thing will be going on then. They sometimes have Softball tournaments out there with teams coming from the main, and a few times a year the teams from Big Island go over and play out there.

    I will try to find out some more info for you.
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