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    Default Vertigo

    Is what I have and it isthe pitts, like being drunk all to time sitting up or atanding up.

    I have not forgotton the morale and support from my TRN family and I will try and post more than I have been doing, although I do read a bunch on here at times.

    The dog gone computer jumps around like hell, even my reading glasses seem to jump.

    Anybody got suggestions? went and had an injection of B 12 today and am taking two 'CENTRUM tablets a day....

    No Sex, Drugs, FDC, crap they won't even let me sniff a little Glue either....
    To be called a "Has Been" I must surmise, is much Greater than to be called a "Nevah Been"... JW...

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    A more serious cause of lightheadedness is bleeding. Most of the time, the location of the bleeding and the need to seek medical care are obvious. But sometimes bleeding is not obvious (occult bleeding). You may have small amounts of bleeding in your digestive tract over days or weeks without noticing the bleeding. When this happens, lightheadedness and fatigue may be the first noticeable symptoms that you are losing blood. Heavy menstrual bleeding also can cause this type of lightheadedness.

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    Default Re: Vertigo

    Hey JW,
    Good to see you're up and mending. If you're having positional vertigo, there is "The Epley Maneuver" which recently did the trick for me. Google it and you'll get more info than you need. There are also you tube videos showing procedure. It works about 90% of the time and the relief is usually immediate. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Vertigo

    No Sex, Drugs, FDC, crap they won't even let me sniff a little Glue either....
    Well no wonder, your system is in shock!
    "Patience is a virtue, but persistence to the point of success is a blessing."


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