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    Default TRN Authors

    As you all may well know, JPJW published his first book recently.

    His cover is here:

    Turns out that Melissa has just published here first romance novel entitled "My life, My Roger" under a Nom de Plume of Liliana.

    Coincidentally, I just published my autobiography as well ....cover below:

    Life's different here ... It's a whole 'nother pace.

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    Default Re: TRN Authors

    Thanks for the reminder, as I still have not bought my copy.

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    Default Re: TRN Authors

    Here is the opening of LCT's book. A Classic to be sure. I know he is very Modest about his writing skills and refuses to blow his own horn about it, So I will.

    Mil, you Rascal, how could you do that and not tell anyone? I was caught off guard with this really, but good luck with it Darlin'....

    A Tale of Two Nicaragua’s … A History Lesson
    Once upon a time there was great land known as Nicaragua. And unto this land was drawn a vast number of citizens who were quite diverse, knowledgeable, hard working and clever. This land was ruled by King Alan of Miskitoland, an Enlightened and Benevolent King who was loved by all while the land was managed by the Sheriff of Esteli.

    Now let it be known that in the Golden Years of Nicaragua, King Alan would mix with his citizens and joust with them and tease them along with the court jesters. He would dispense his vast knowledge and cast judgments with the wisdom of Solomon....not to be confused with Toni the Verbose. The Court jesters were beloved or despised by all ... there was Big John, Little Tom, Farmer John, The Padre, Peter The Great, The Cat Lady, Hairball, The Fisher of Men, The Sage, The Man from Nowhere, and the infamous Santana Maria.

    Oh, those were great times with tales being told, food was plentiful, wine was flowing and the conversations were filled with mirth and fueled by Flor de Cana. Such were the times of an Enlightened and Benevolent King .

    But then the King fell sick, and into his land crept a viper. A viper known as The Whoretega. The Whoretega lied to the people of the land and paid a princely sum to the Sheriff of Eseli to do his bidding. As the King became weaker and weaker, The Sheriff became more emboldened. The Sheriff began his crusade to subject the citizens to his bidding. The citizens were alarmed at first but thought that surely the King will protect them. Alas, it was not to be. There was rioting in the streets as the Sheriff and his men began to beat the citizen’s thoughts and writings into the cesspool of the cursed.

    Finally as the King lay on his deathbed, The Sheriff began his overthrow of the land. The Whoretega was anointed and put The Sheriff in control. The Sheriff was sworn by The Whortega to enforce the new rule of law, no matter what the citizens thought or felt was right or wrong. The once great land of Nicaragua was cast under a pall of gloom and darkness. Whenever the citizens spoke out against the new rule of law they were tortured with constant rhetoric from the Book of Marx and La Prensa Latina. Dissidents were scorned and laughed at and finally on one winter day the citizens were banned from the land. Their books and diaries were confiscated and burned by The Sheriff. They were cast out forever. The Whortega and The Sheriff were not to be denied.

    The rag tag band of dissidents were left wandering, trying again to find the Promised Land…. The land that the Sage knew to be The Real Nicaragua. The prophet, Big John, calmed his weary troops and said that salvation was near.....when Lo .... A star was seen ... rising from the East, directly over Little Corn Island .... A bright shining star that led them to .... The Real Nicaragua. The multitudes cried "But why here Oh John" and he smiled because he loved them and said "Because it is Good and it is Right and it is Righteous. Because here you can speak and be heard. Because here you can sin and not be scorned and sin and sin again in the quiet just before……. I digress…….. Because here, your voice will not be trampled. Because here your silly leftist views will be tolerated but challenged.”

    There was a great murmuring in the crowd and a voice cried out "But is it is not Drupal" and again Big John just smiled and said "Soon my son, you will see that Drupal sucks" And it became so. The seeds were planted and the flocks began to recover and the love was regained. Peace came over the land. The Flor de Cana flowed and the true love of expression that binds us all was restored through the Enlightened, and Benevolence of Big John.

    However, in the land of the Old Nicaragua, the citizens were distressed as inflation was rampant and food was scarce. There were rumors that the Sheriff was keeping all of the information from The Real Nicaragua to himself and would not let the citizens express their fears and concerns. The Whortega spoke to him in a dream through the Hairy One (Tres Biches) and said that it was time again to cast out the non-believers. They know naught and cannot speak for themselves as they are children to be fed from the Marxist teat and to be punished for their transgressions.

    But the citizens said ... "But there is no inflation in The Real Nicaragua. The food is plentiful. They have an excellent health plan and a Surgeon General. Also, they are terribly clever over there. May we not have some of that?"

    And so The Sheriff cast off his cloak of office and revealed himself as whom he really was ... the Son of Karl, and brother of Toni! A man who could only kneel at the altar of The Whortega and a man who forsook his own Mother to be accepted into the Brotherhood of the Dark Side. And so, the Son of Karl proclaimed..... “I am the ruler of this land and you will be silenced”! The citizens were shocked and sought refuge.

    And so, again, one by one the citizen dissidents looked to the Right and found refuge in the only place that their voices could be heard with love, compassion and understanding. Even if they were dumbasses. Because even dumbasses have a place in The Real Nicaragua
    To be called a "Has Been" I must surmise, is much Greater than to be called a "Nevah Been"... JW...

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    Default Re: TRN Authors

    Thanks for reposting that! Probably THE best thing ever written on this site.

    LCT....what can I say????? See you in July, honey, you're a hoot!!
    "Patience is a virtue, but persistence to the point of success is a blessing."


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