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Thread: World Series; the magic of 108

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    Default World Series; the magic of 108

    (World? OK, but since Nicaragua didn't qualify for the 2017 World Baseball Classic, fuggetaboutit)

    Yes the Cubbies broke the spell, ended their uniquely historic losing streak with the magic of 108. Reduced to prime numbers, it is the product of three threes and two twos (and the one number one, if you will), which is to say three cubed times two squared. So ... what? The tell-tale magic happened when the 7th game stretched to the 10th inning and the Cubbies ran their score up to eight: in 10 8.

    The so-called curse was uttered by a Chicago Greek bar owner in 1908 who brought his goat to the 4th game of the World Series in Chicago, and tho he'd paid for two tickets, they both were evicted cause his goat stank. (You gotta wonder about their relationship.)

    The real credit for turning the Chicago Cubs around: Theo Epstein. Hired after the 2011 season when they finished last in their division, he brought them to the playoffs last year and now history. He did it before. Managing the Boston Red Socks he led them to win the 2004 World Series, breaking the 86-year-old 'Curse of the Bambino' losing streak for trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees in 1918.

    Two historic firsts of the final game last night: the leadoff batter, Dexter Fowler, hit a home run (never, in the history of the World Series, had the first batter hit a home run) and 39 yr old David Ross was the oldest player in all World Series to hit a home run. (It was his last game before retirement. Will he join AARP?)
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    Default Re: World Series; the magic of 108

    Was a cool series. I love Baseball. I was cheering for both teams..
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