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Thread: Thanks for the travel info....

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    Default Thanks for the travel info....

    Thanks for the travel info, Mr. Travel Journalist. Maybe one day when you managed to sift through all the tourist aspects of Nicaragua, can you give a history brief? Ya know, cause we've never heard that before.

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    was probably one of the stupidest pieces of what passes for journalism I've read lately, besides reading END, of course :lol: Do ya think that maybe Toni, fyl or TSOJ supplied his info? No practical information whatsoever.

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    When the Somoza dynasty ended in 1979, a vacuum appeared and two groups, the American-backed Contras and the Cuban-supported Sandinistas, began fighting for power. This proxy struggle stretched through the next decade, killing thousands.
    Hell-OH??!! The Somoza dynasty merely "ended" all by itself, like a movie? Like their gas tank went dry? Like Ortega and his merry band of gun-totin' thugs didn't have a thing to do with it, then reignd with a far more iron-fisted rule than Somoza dreamed of?

    for now the guerrilla violence lives mostly in Nicaragua's history.
    What's THAT supposed to mean?

    Now, having trashed this piece , it looks like it was a sidebar to this fairly decent article (except the dig at Nica food):

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    Default Well,

    you must know that TSOJ has also posted this same link. OMG!! Are you related???? :shock:

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