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    Has become a Morbid Reality, you wait the daily death count from day before. Moving towards 400 real steady like.

    And it is slowly moving this way, Rio San Juan had 4 Police killed, no count from the Chontales fighting yesterday, was in and around Santo Tomas, last town of size before you reach Rama.

    Nice Blue and White March in Bluefields yesterday, saw it pass, lot of biz owners I know were marching. Creoles and Indians have long been saying this is not their fight and they have really remained calm, but I am afraid if the Circus comes to town the tent may get burned. Creoles are a different sort of people, and they got treated real bad last time.
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    Caravan in Esteli Saturday, met with some shooting. Turbas chucked a doctor out of his truck and stole it. Caravan heading to Masaya talked to the folks barricaded in monimbo who said it was a bad day to visit so they are turning around.
    Bishop Mata's vehicle was attacked and disabled in Nindiri. He sought shelter in a house and is apparently ok.

    The thing in rio san juan bears watching. 4 police killed, peasant leader Mairena arrested at airport trying to leave country, his brother subsequently killed by police. Bad blood brewing in rio san juan?

    I said at the beginning 500 was the number.
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