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Thread: Renewing my tourist visa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daddy-YO View Post
    There are no Spirit flights into Liberia.

    I did carry a copy of the first page and when I asked the CR agent if he wanted to see it, he said yes. He already had my passport, the QR health pass and a copy of my airline ticket out. With another agent he noted the 3-day coverage. I said, yes, I fly our in two days. He stamped my passport. Took less then 5 minutes, after waiting in line for more than a half-hour.

    Thanks, KISS. Not a fan of cell phones, call me Agent Gibbs or whatever, but yesterday I learned how to do a screen shot and save to the gallery where I will have access without internet. Also have print copies of everything. I pity some poor mochilero stranded at night in some forlorn location without a desktop and printer.

    Did my pase de salud this morning, pleased that I got the QR code instantly. relaxed enough i got to go in peace to the vet with my perra. She was diagnosed with asceros but we brought home her medications to fix it.

    "Support mental health or I'll break your head"

    Covid was an intelligence test and we flunked.

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    Default Re: Renewing my tourist visa

    Shelley is off,, intonthe waiting arms of the Conejo.

    He's looking old, not running everywhere as he used to.
    This last year has been hard on a lot of people for a lot of reasons.

    I did see one Gringo mochilero.

    Light traffic all the way down, except for the last ten miles. They are 4-lanimg the stretch before the border.

    Lots of nice concrete everywhere, Peñas Blancas used to be puro lodo.

    So, the Conejo says, "wait for me,, I'll get your wife across,, and you can give me a ride to Rivas"

    We go back a long time.
    I'd bought my farm in Madriz but wasn't sure I really wanted to retire here.
    It was hard giving up.the bright lights of Costa Rica.

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