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Thread: Merry Xmas - LCT

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    Default Merry Xmas - LCT

    National Weather Service has issued a Falling Iguana Alert for South Florida. A no shit Xmas Miracle, get em while they are down....
    ‎"You know what you say when people tell you you can't do something? Fool, shut your mouth up!"
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    Default Re: Merry Xmas - LCT

    Don't you worry buddy, I know exactly how to revive a cold iguana that has fallen out of a tree......
    First you ask it if is OK, then..... if no response...
    You put it in a cloth bag for safe keeping.
    Then you put the mother___ in the pool with a rock in the bag.
    Keep it there for a day or two or until you want to use the pool again.
    Works every time.
    FisherCigarMan has a different method but he ends up with food for months.
    Tastes like chicken.
    Life's different here ... It's a whole 'nother pace.

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