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    Nica has started receiving donated vaccine, see if the Leaders hoard it. MINSA is pretty good about getting the masses covered, yrs ago when the "Rat Shit Sickness" was going around they went house to house giving meds, during Dengue seasons they often go house to house.

    Here in the "Land of the Free" the 3rd vaccine has been approved and starts going in arms today. I might be able to get vaccinated by end of April or May if the current pace continues, no real desire to get it, but believe it will become a necessity if you want to travel.
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    I'd rather avoid the US vaccines, but this is going to be an all-year thing and possibly permanent. Next spike will be the FL tourist trade seeding the north with the UK variant. 2021 will see a 2-way sliding scale of covid going down because of the vaccines and covid going up due to stupid.

    I wonder about the logistics here. If one gets 1 shot here and then goes abroad, how will they get the second shot of the same brand?

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