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    . As well she said that the company as a whole is having a real hard time to retain experienced people as many in their mid 50's and early 60 are looking to leave. It is the leaving that kills them, they are actually very pleased to offer long term employees part time employment - If I can finagle 6 months on, 6 months off in 2023, or even 2022 - I would be really happy.

    Every expat's wet dream.
    Nicaragua is easier to take in 6 month increments.
    Plus,, you always need something . . . . . . more . . . that is difficult to get here.

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    You should be on that like White on Rice, you would go nuts doing Nica yr round, do it as long as you can.
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    My original plan was 4 months on and 4 months off, and that was before I heard the Rest of The Story. Boy did I screw up, here for 10-11 months at a time, often without even escaping from the Segovias for some MH days. It was always weird when I turned that corner by Telica heading for Leon. A strange feeling came over me, like I was in a time machine taking me from medieval times to the 20th Century.

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    THe church where Chilo and I were married had 2 congregations - One spanish at 10:30 and a french/creol Hattian service at 1. There would be an intermingiling after our service ended and theirs prepared to start. I would sit and chat with their pastor

    Their pastor name is Lecoutia (sp?) and his wife (never knew hr name). There was an announcement last Sunday that both were in very serious condition - Covid - In a local ICU - Both on ventilators.

    While still on the Covid front - BIL David, the one with the stroke, is on a floor of his building that has 4 or 5 cases. As well SIL in exile - Nella - Was found to be covid positive in recent tests as well. AND thye have been congregating at BIL Luis's house. Chilo is not opening the door for any one and we delivered a loaf of Banana bread youngest son whipped up. Chilo delivered it with a mask, even though I told her a mask makes not difference, it is them who need to mask up when you come. They did not.

    We (all the people working in building #6, in cubical) had to move upstairs this week as construction of B6 first floor is being made into manufacturing space. The new cameras (sold in pairs (one almost 500K the second about 250K) is selling like hot cakes and they have to expand the space. I now have a desk that can be standup or sit down with a push of a button - It is nice to stand for a couple 3 hours a day.
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