Nicaragua Daily update ⋅ April 19, 2021
Nicaraguan Resistance Circumvents Ortega's Police State Havana Times
These included graffiti with the face of President Daniel Ortega with the caption of “Wanted,” placed on posters in which they demand a “Free Nicaragua.

The Evolution of Ortega's Corruption in Nicaragua Havana Times
In 2011, the Ortega and Gasset Journalism Award went to a Nicaraguan investigation into Tomas Borge's illicit wealth. Ten years later, the journalist ...

Sambo demonstration takes place at university in Nicaragua
Two athletes from Nicaragua, Nancys Castillo and Sayra Laguna, then competed at the 2013 Sambo World Championships in Saint Petersburg.

Nicaragua and Costa Rica pick up key victories in fourth day of FIBA Basketball World Cup Pre ... FIBA
Nicaragua won 89-82 over El Salvador (1-2), after recovering from a 19 point deficit in the first half. The local team, driven by the support of the fans, ...

Daniel Ortega breaks his own record and leads Nicaragua to a historic indebtedness The Rio Times
No other president has indebted Nicaragua as much as Ortega. In 1990, when he lost the elections to Violeta Barrios de Chamorro, he handed over ...

Climate change is a major factor behind increased migration at US southern border, experts say CNBC
... America last November, bringing torrential rain, flash floods, landslides and crop damage across Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Nicaraguan rights activist hails Latin American treaty for protection amid rising killings Business Day
Nicaraguan activist Lottie Cunningham, who described the Escazu treaty as “extremely important”, has come to expect death threats and online abuse ...

Wilton Gutierrez and his Mom Now Both in the US Confidencial
Meanwhile, the Nicaraguan government announced they were dropping ... When the moving video went viral, officials in Nicaragua, Mexico, and the ...