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    The lab at Liberia airport sent a taxi to pick up Shelley, showed up at her hotel at 6:30 AM

    They gave her the COVID test for free,, she claims. I'm skeptical, she may have paid for it online and doesn't realize it yet. But, she thinks it was free.
    The lab's website wasn't taking her credit or debit card initially. How it will probably turn out is, they charged her several times

    But all that's left is to get on the plane at 1:30.

    I have time for an extra cup of coffee and time to chat with the monkey here at the Airport X. I don't understand monkey but suspect his side of the conversation consists of "Give me another cookie, Gringo"

    He tried to steal my phone but fortunately it didn't fit through the chain link.

    His cage is enormous, two stories, with lots of toys on the second level. A monkey mansion.
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    So,, Shelley got on her plane at 1:30, and should be in Houston. I haven't heard anything, which probably means that her Tigo plan doesn't roam in US. She can WhatsApp anywhere she has wifi , including the Tucson airport .

    It's amazing how much has gone to WhatsApp, but not everything. And you can't just buy some recarga and a cheap chip and be in business in ten minutes.

    Her phone is unlocked, but not all are created equal.
    So, you wind up prepaying a month AND paying $25 to activate a number.

    Mint "owns" her existing number, I'd have to revisit emails from 6 months ago to pry it free.

    Not worth it for a month.

    The $21 Tigo plan did roam from Mexico to CR, and the data allowance was generous. I had to get it for her. They no longer accept passports as a form of ID,, you have to be a resident to get a post page plan.

    I parked both numbers at Mint Mobile and prepaid 6 months. However, I got a do not reply to email saying that they were shutting me down because I wasn't using the service.

    It seemed a good idea at the time.

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