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Thread: Killing Flies - The Chapter Living Like a Nica Omitted

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    Default Killing Flies - The Chapter Living Like a Nica Omitted

    So,, persistence helps. There is a limited number of flies in Nicaragua.
    The number is in the tens of millions, true,, but it is limited.

    For example,, I've run out of flies at the moment to swat.
    I'm a little depressed, but not as depressed as the guy who hung himself in San Andreas yesterday.
    A wife and two kids, 25 years old. He ran out of flies to swat.

    Actually, the chisme is,, his wife was stepping out on him, and he couldn't handle the pena.

    I enjoy putting several dead flies close together.
    Their brothers and sisters are cannibals, so they will arrive and feed on the free lunch.
    They are kind of like democrat politicians. It helps if one of the flies is not quite dead, and wiggles around a bit.

    You patiently wait for the feeding frenzy, then swat several (The Squad) at a time.

    Pali and Maxi Pali has that sticky paper,, it's ugly but on top of the fridge it's OK
    Just remember it's there. It sticks to everything.

    In the pig pen I use those sticky ribbons that unwind from a cylinder, a couple is all you need.
    But the ribbons are too ugly to use anywhere else. The pig doesn't seem to mind and they DO harvest the flies.

    There is a limit to Living Like a Nica,, a fine line that you don't want to cross.
    Insanity surely follows.

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    Default Re: Killing Flies - The Chapter Living Like a Nica Omitted

    If you really want to kill them there is this granular sort of stuff, think made by Bayer. Is a mess they eat it and then turn into slime.
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    Default Re: Killing Flies - The Chapter Living Like a Nica Omitted

    KWP, I dub thee Lord of the Flies.

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