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Thread: Free Doctors Consults, but No Free Cure

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    Default Free Doctors Consults, but No Free Cure

    Many people are reporting that Doctors visits may be free, but they are worthless because they are unable to attain the prescriptions for free.

    Hospitals do not have enough medicine to keep people from suffering and the Ministry of Health nor the government heads have made any attempt to fix this.

    Some of the people mentioned in this article include a man who suffers from Epilepsy, and although has had his FREE medical Consult, the hospital does not have any more medicine to give him. His only option to fix his health is to buy his medicine, which he has no money for.

    Another lady found out for FREE she has Leukimia, however there is no free medicine to treat her.

    Many are calling Ortegas plan for FREE medical care worthless.

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    What a damn shame these folks have forgotten the herbal medicines that their ancestors knew. There's TONS of free medicine all over the wilds of Nicaragua, if folks would just make the effort to relearn the knowledge and make the effort to harvest and process the plants.
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    I agree with you there young woman, we have the nicests fever grass growing in the yard that will even clean out that óle uniary tract system to boot, and is not unpleasant to taste...
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